Neighbourhood Plan and Character Assessment – Referendum Versions

Reg 16 (Pre submission) Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Character Assessment

Judicial Review-Court Documents

MDC Press release re JR

Independent Examiner’s Report

Public Consultation Document (Reg 14)

Feedback form for Regulation 14 Consultation

Letter to statutory consultees, businesses and landowners

Privacy Policy

Draft vision & objectives

Parish Maps

Designation of Parish as Neighbourhood Plan Area

Parish Plan for Norton St Philip

Consultation Document-Parish Plan

MDC’s Conservation Area Appraisal for NSP

Tree Belt on Laverton Triangle

Housing Survey (2018)

Houses for Community Benefits Survey(2015)

Village Hall / RCC Survey October 2017

Information and Awareness Days

Local Green Space Applications

Landowner/PC submissions in respect of LGS Applications / Housing supply

Public Meeting November 2015