2023 Regulation 14 Consultation

At its Meeting on 10th May 2023 the Parish Council resolved to carry out a fresh Regulation 14. This is considered necessary due to the significant period of time which has elapsed since the previous such consultation in December 2018. Details of that Consultation can be seen on the Documents page of this website, or by clicking here.

This new public consultation runs for just over 6 weeks, from 12th May 2023 until midnight on 25th June 2023. All comments received will be viewable on this website soon after the end of the consultation period.

Following this.the Draft Plan will be finalised with modifications if necessary and reconsidered by the PC. If the PC so resolve, the Plan will then be submitted to Somerset Council, the local authority, who will carry out a further (Regulation 16) consultation before the Plan is submitted for Independent Examination.

To publicise this Consultation the PC have:

Published the Notice on the “Latest News” page of its website

Emailed the Notice to all of those on its email list (approx 60 addresses)

Hand delivered the Notice to every address in the Parish

Emailed the Notice to Statutory Consultees, neighbouring Parish Councils, known landowners, local businesses and community organisations.

Placed the Notice on the Noticeboards in the Parish.

The Notice has also been emailed to those on the Neighbourhood Plan database (approx 250 addresses) and placed on this website, linked to this page and “Latest News”. It can be seen here.

Paper copies of the Draft plan were placed in the Palairet (Village) Hall, Parish Church and St Leonards Church, Farleigh Hungerford.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Character Assessment can be seen here